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Saying it straight – takes courage

Who do you think you are?

People are so quick to put themselves (and others) in a box. To define them. But, what are we to be defined by?

When I look, I see that:

I’ve been a liar, and I’ve told the truth
I’ve been a morning person, and I’ve slept in
I’ve walked, I’ve ridden, I’ve biked, I’ve taken the train
I’ve passed classes, and I’ve failed exams
I’ve loved, and I’ve hated
I’ve been generous, and I’ve been stingy
I’ve been kind, and I’ve been cruel
I’ve been loaded, and I’ve been broke
I’ve been fit, and I’ve needed to lose a few pounds
I’ve had a drink, and I’ve stayed sober
I’ve said yes when I meant “no”, and I’ve said no when I meant “no”
I’ve held on tight, and I’ve let go
I’ve stuck with it, and I’ve quit
It goes on and on like that…

There is no one thing that defines me. I am alive, living, RIGHT NOW, and I am doing what I’m doing RIGHT NOW. And it can be new and different and un-imaginable RIGHT NOW!

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GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT. You aren’t any “particular” way and no words can define you beyond your own.

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

When you meet someone WAY more accomplished than you are…

Imagine that this person was sent to you as a REAL LIFE example of: “I can do it, so can you!!!”

I met someone today who I deeply admire and whose accomplishments I wish I had. He has been a huge success in business since he was practically a child. He rocks big and small businesses alike. He has an AWESOME family, he’s super smart, and he travels the world.

In a singular moment, my biggest accomplishments in life looked like a 5th-grade science project. I wished I had something to offer that sounded brilliant. I was dying for some validation that I was even capable of creating something amazing. I started to become discouraged. He’s got something I haven’t…

And then I stopped to consider that this is the OPPOSITE of an appropriate reaction. It’s more likely that the reason I’m talking with this amazing person is to get the message that I can do it, too! Duh!

So, I started thinking – what if I tried listening to this marvelous friend as a peer- not an underling. If I started noticing – Do I say the same kinds of things that he says? Do I have the same poise? The same confidence? The same kindness?

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I may not be able to replicate his results tomorrow, but I can certainly take tips on how he is being and acting right now.

It reminds me of the quote in the uber-suspenseful survival movie with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin – “The Edge”. Hopkins is a VERY wealthy man in a big mess with a grizzly bear and he is freaking out. He keeps repeating to himself, “If one man can do it, so can another.” And he gets himself out! No wonder he’s so wealthy. What a great life philosophy.

So, imagine that you’re the only one counting you out! Get in!

Successful people are proof that it’s possible. Period. Now, go prove me right. Find someone successful and be like them!

Love your SUCCESS UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

On Leadership and Entrepreneurs

A little rant of mine for a Monday!

I’ve found it’s better to have someone ELSE call you a leader or an entrepreneur.

When people call themselves leaders or entrepreneurs, it makes me think they probably have no idea what they are doing and they are unemployed – and probably broke. But trying to make themselves feel better.

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If you are calling YOURSELF a leader and an entrepreneur, you are probably trying to prove something.

If you ARE a leader or an entrepreneur, you don’t even have to say it. People will know!

I’m just sayin’

Love your LIFE UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

So, I want to hear from you…..

What’s the most important thing you want to accomplish this Summer? Between now and Labor Day?

Tomorrow, the Debut Irreverent Sales Girl’s Master Plan for Wild Success begins and the players will be creating THEIR Summer – Twelve weeks of NEW POWER and accomplishment in ANY area.

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So, what do YOU want to accomplish this Summer? I’m dying to know!

Love the HEAT up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

On the Course??? In the Stands??? More of the inquiry….

As I’m considering if I am on the Course or in the Stands in my life (see yesterday), I think to myself…..”How would I know?”

Does it mean I’m playing “at risk” in my life? Does it mean that I’m expanding what I’m doing no matter what?

How would I know? It seems important to be “on the Course”, but how would I know?

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What do you think? Have you thought about this before?

How do YOU know when you’re on the Course or in the Stands?

Let’s explore!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Going to Indy 500

I just found out today that I’m GOING TO THE INDY 500!

What strikes me most about this race….

There are 33 cars on the course…

and 500,000 people in the stands.

It reminds me to ask….am I ON THE COURSE or am I IN THE STANDS?

The difference is GI-NORMOUS.

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Are you in the race or in the stands of your life?

Drink the MILK UP!!!!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

WhatEVER it takes?

Are you willing to live a Do Whatever It Takes Life for your dreams?

Careful of your answer – there WILL be a test! *GRIN*

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Every single one of us has it in us to do whatever it takes for something. We think we’ll be too tired if we REALLY go for it, or that we’ll miss out on something else that life has to offer.

Not true! The more you give to your dreams the ABSOLUTELY more they’ll give to you. But you gotta be willing to do WHATEVER it takes!!! The miracles that come along with this kind of life will TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY!!

Love it up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Imagine this: HOPE sets your limits in life!

What is limiting you???? Perhaps you have no idea.

Here’s a place to look.

Is there anywhere in your life that you are holding on to hope?

Hope that he’ll call?

Hope that the client will change their mind?

Hope that the deal will commit?

Hope that your raise will come through?

It keeps NOT happening, but you keep ACTING as if it will.

I invite you to take a bold move.

Get in touch with all those people asscociated with your “hopes” and withdraw your offer to be available. Close the loop. Move on to lucrative and interesting and exciting opportunities.

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THAT will remove the barriers!

Risky? Maybe.

Good things come to those who wait, but not to those who wait to late (bonus to those who can name that tune)!

Presto Change-O…..Like magic.

Love your life UP!!!! Don’t wait!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

The quote to sum it all up for the week

“If you’re always in a hurry, always trying to get ahead of the other guy, or someone else’s performance is what motivates you, then that person is in control of you.”

Wayne Dyer

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Love your OWN self up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl