On the Course??? In the Stands??? More of the inquiry….

As I’m considering if I am on the Course or in the Stands in my life (see yesterday), I think to myself…..”How would I know?”

Does it mean I’m playing “at risk” in my life? Does it mean that I’m expanding what I’m doing no matter what?

How would I know? It seems important to be “on the Course”, but how would I know?

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What do you think? Have you thought about this before?

How do YOU know when you’re on the Course or in the Stands?

Let’s explore!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Thoughts about this...

2 thoughts on “On the Course??? In the Stands??? More of the inquiry….”

  1. Honestly?
    I know I’m on the course when I’m sitting somewhere and am not thinking about the stuff I ought to be doing. Either:

    1. I’m DOING the stuff I ought to be doing or,
    2. I’ve DONE the stuff I should have done

    In my gut I know it. Just because I had a busy day doesn’t mean I did the things it takes to forward what’s important to me. But when I’ve handled my business, and sit down in fron of the television to watch Sweet Genius with a clear mind and clear conscious … I’ve spent a quality day ON THE COURSE.

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