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Who do you think you are?

People are so quick to put themselves (and others) in a box. To define them. But, what are we to be defined by?

When I look, I see that:

I’ve been a liar, and I’ve told the truth
I’ve been a morning person, and I’ve slept in
I’ve walked, I’ve ridden, I’ve biked, I’ve taken the train
I’ve passed classes, and I’ve failed exams
I’ve loved, and I’ve hated
I’ve been generous, and I’ve been stingy
I’ve been kind, and I’ve been cruel
I’ve been loaded, and I’ve been broke
I’ve been fit, and I’ve needed to lose a few pounds
I’ve had a drink, and I’ve stayed sober
I’ve said yes when I meant “no”, and I’ve said no when I meant “no”
I’ve held on tight, and I’ve let go
I’ve stuck with it, and I’ve quit
It goes on and on like that…

There is no one thing that defines me. I am alive, living, RIGHT NOW, and I am doing what I’m doing RIGHT NOW. And it can be new and different and un-imaginable RIGHT NOW!

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GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT. You aren’t any “particular” way and no words can define you beyond your own.

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl