So, I want to hear from you…..

What’s the most important thing you want to accomplish this Summer? Between now and Labor Day?

Tomorrow, the Debut Irreverent Sales Girl’s Master Plan for Wild Success begins and the players will be creating THEIR Summer – Twelve weeks of NEW POWER and accomplishment in ANY area.

This session is sold out, but don’t hesitate to go put yourself on the waiting list for the next one – dates/times still TBD! Find out more at We’ll work with YOUR schedule.

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So, what do YOU want to accomplish this Summer? I’m dying to know!

Love the HEAT up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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4 thoughts on “So, I want to hear from you…..”

  1. 1. Perfect my next flavor of Dragon Cookie.
    2. Launch the Kickstarter campaign.
    3. Have all of my professional certifications and licenses.
    4. Maintain consistent DataScopic clients fomr now through Labor Day.

  2. It’s happening.
    Finished 2 Excel projects at 4am today. Submitted a new proposal late in the afternoon. Meeting with a new client tomorrow.

    Baked a second experimental batch of a new Dragon Cookie recipe. Still not good but WAAAY better than the first batch.

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