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WARNING: Be careful with other people’s stuff!

In the world of Facebook, Twitter, etc. it becomes VERY EASY to post or use OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF.

But, here’s the problem. Other people’s STUFF is their personal brand.

YOU may not want everyone to know that you were at that fund-raising party. You may not like that picture that someone took of you. You may not want to be contacted as a reference. Imagine that other people have the SAME feelings about THEIR stuff.

ASK people before you use their photos or words or contact information. VERY IMPORTANT: Ask people permission before you connect them with someone who will contact them as a reference.

DO NOT get fast and loose with other people’s “brand”. Their recommendations, their comments, their endorsements, etc.

You will create MASSIVE LOVING FRIENDS if you ASK people first before you use their photo, their endorsement, or their contact information.

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Do not assume anything. ASK!

It is polite and will set you apart!

Love your peeps up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

The trick to dealing with overwhelm

Didja ever notice that the more overwhelmed you get, the more paralyzed you get, and the less you get done?

Funny thing about overwhelm…….when you get there it feels like there is an INFINITE amount of things that need to be done.

That’s the lie. There is a FINITE amount of things to get done.

When I finally remember to do this next exercise… always works.

I sit down with a piece of paper or an Excel spreadsheet and I write down EVERYTHING that comes into my head that requires my attention. I just jot it down as it comes into my brain….no filtering.

Then, I go back through the list and write – “Not Now” next to the items that I’m just not going to take care of right now. That one is REALLY fun!

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Usually, at this point, my energy is flowing enough to put “due dates” or “priorities” next to each of the open items.

If I’m feeling ESPECIALLY freed up – I block out times in my calendar to work on my list.

This always restores me and it is SUCH a relief. Somehow, life gets moving along again.

Love your systems up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Watch the jealousy RUN!!!

Didja ever notice the jealousy running? The way you pretend you’re happy for someone else, but you really wish you’d gotten what they got instead?

It’s just because you don’t know how to get it for yourself — YET!!!!

There is plenty to go around for those who are willing to be a real resource to others and create REAL value in the world.

If you find you’re jealous, let your jealousy INFORM YOU!!! You want THAT, but how badly? Badly enough to MODEL them?

Better yet, hire them!!!

The riches and love of the world ARE available to you. People who are petty and small will get petty and small results.

People who push their boundaries, scare the hell out of themselves, ask for things they “have no right to ask for”, work with people who are better than them, COMPETE against people who are better than them (gracefully) ….. those are the people who get what they’re after and more!

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Next time your little green monster pokes out his head, look at him and say, “Really? You want that? Shall we GO FOR IT, my friend????”

Love your little green monster up!

It’s yours for the taking!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Winning an unwinnable game!

What is your goal right now?

Do you see a clear pathway? Or, does it seem impossible?

Do not worry.

If it is really your goal, the answer is simple.

Decide to achieve it and then give yourself NO alternative EXCEPT to achieve it.

If you feel that you don’t want to play it ALL OUT, consider that it’s not your REAL goal. Go find one that takes everything you’ve got – that IS worthy of your life!

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Then watch all the magic that shows up to help you get there. You’ll be amazed!

Love your dreams up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Announcing the Debut……

Bear with me while I share a little story…..Thank you!

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Many of you know that the Magnificent Anne Marie Schlekeway was my coach before she moved on from this world with the help of Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Anne Marie was AMAZING, vivacious, talented, magnetic! AND she developed a brilliant 12-week coaching program called The Master Plan.

Before she passed away, she helped ME write The Irreverent Sales Girl’s Master Plan for Wild Success. It is brilliant!

But, I know one thing about me. I am not a coach and I don’t want to be one. I don’t even want to play one on TV.

So, after a long time searching, I have finally found the MOST AMAZING COACH to deliver the program in her absence. He is the Fabulous James Baird who has coached hundreds of people to realize their dreams. Anne Marie’s mother described him as “EXCITING” – and he is!

The Irreverent Sales Girl’s Master Plan for Wild Success is a heart-filled, generous, guaranteed results program to bring people the things they REALLY desire.

We are starting this 12 session program on May 29th. We will only offer it to ten people to start – because we care that the results are delivered.

Right now, there are six people registered for the Debut Plan that we are offering at a deep discount.

If you are one of the deep discount participants, I want you to agree to:

1) Get amazing results
2) Give a video, audio, and/or written testimonial about your results
3) Refer two people to The Irreverent Sales Girl’s Master Plan for Wild Success
4) Participate in assessments every week and one survey at the end.

This is a VaVaVaVoom offer that will ROCK your planet. If you want to check out the introduction and promises and schedule, go to:

I have a feeling we’ll go to waitlist by Thursday, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate.

I can’t WAIT to love you up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

My promises for this week!

This week, I promise to light up every room I’m in by making sure that every person feels infinitely interesting – I will hang on their every word.

I promise to bring heart to every conversation.

I promise to honor my goals and restore my faith in them and myself.

I promise to be present in my work, no matter how big or small or tedious or interesting.

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Will you join me?

Love it up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

Your birthright and your ONLY job…

is to protect your internal fire and joy! YOU are designed to shine like a beacon! YOU are designed to fly free….giddily mastering the intricacies and magic of life.

YES YOU….the one sitting in your underwear. I’m talking to you!

Don’t think there’s enough for everyone to go around? Let’s SEE!!!!

Here’s a simple trick I learned from T Harv Eker.

For ONE week. Don’t complain. If you catch yourself complaining to yourself or to anyone else…….run a finger across your throat as if you’re slitting it …. because the VERY ACT of complaining has a devastating effect on your wealth and health.

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Simple? Maybe. Can you do it for ONE FULL WEEK? We’ll see!

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

I am not a brain surgeon …

and I do not play one on TV, but it is no news to anyone that the way we think determines the way we feel which determines the way we act which determines the results we get. Logical and elegant!

The trick is that most of us think that having thoughts means that we are thinking.

You’ve heard this before…….ever notice that the little voice in your head that never stops talking? The one that just said, “what voice?” (Not a new joke, just a good one).

You may have also already heard this before……..much of the time we relate to that little voice as WHO WE ARE! We believe (and defend even) what that crazy little, won’t-shut-up, complains constantly, can’t-get-Elton-John’s-Yellow-Brick-Road-out-of-your-head voice says. But, have you ever noticed that the voice doesn’t say nice things about you or your life? It’s not the most uplifting messenger.

Here’s the good news! It’s NOT who you are … and it’s CRITICAL that you get some control over what this little voice says.

There are many ways to do this – my favorite is to simply say “PASS” when I find myself indulging in complaints, frustrations, internal gossip and judgment…anything that makes me Less of a Person than who I am.

I say “PASS” and then I envision sliding to the next screen as if I were operating an iPhone! HA!!!

NEXT!!! If I don’t like the next one. PASS – slide.

Practice this the next few days. Everytime you are indulging in negative thoughts: PASS – Slide.

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It is fun, and it is CRITICAL CRITICAL CRITICAL to your success and happiness!

Love the PASS-Slide up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl