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Announcing the Debut……

Bear with me while I share a little story…..Thank you!

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Many of you know that the Magnificent Anne Marie Schlekeway was my coach before she moved on from this world with the help of Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Anne Marie was AMAZING, vivacious, talented, magnetic! AND she developed a brilliant 12-week coaching program called The Master Plan.

Before she passed away, she helped ME write The Irreverent Sales Girl’s Master Plan for Wild Success. It is brilliant!

But, I know one thing about me. I am not a coach and I don’t want to be one. I don’t even want to play one on TV.

So, after a long time searching, I have finally found the MOST AMAZING COACH to deliver the program in her absence. He is the Fabulous James Baird who has coached hundreds of people to realize their dreams. Anne Marie’s mother described him as “EXCITING” – and he is!

The Irreverent Sales Girl’s Master Plan for Wild Success is a heart-filled, generous, guaranteed results program to bring people the things they REALLY desire.

We are starting this 12 session program on May 29th. We will only offer it to ten people to start – because we care that the results are delivered.

Right now, there are six people registered for the Debut Plan that we are offering at a deep discount.

If you are one of the deep discount participants, I want you to agree to:

1) Get amazing results
2) Give a video, audio, and/or written testimonial about your results
3) Refer two people to The Irreverent Sales Girl’s Master Plan for Wild Success
4) Participate in assessments every week and one survey at the end.

This is a VaVaVaVoom offer that will ROCK your planet. If you want to check out the introduction and promises and schedule, go to: www.irreverentsalesgirl.com.

I have a feeling we’ll go to waitlist by Thursday, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate.

I can’t WAIT to love you up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl