I bet you can’t tell me what you want…

What if I told you that you could have anything that you want? You just have to be able to tell me EXACTLY what it is. And, you can have it.

Do you know how STRESSFUL this would be for you?

wall-612177I TRULY believe this is what keeps most of us from achieving our very highest goals.

We can’t say what we want, and (more important) WHY we want it!

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Here’s what we’re good at. We can tell you in a heartbeat what we DON’T want.

There is magic in this realization!

First of all, if you can spend time thinking about exactly what you DO want and WHY you want it. Just one of these a week, I bet you would start to see results you can’t even imagine start to happen.

Also, it gives you some insights into your customers.

If you spend more time asking them about what they DON’T want, you are going to be WAAAAAAY closer to offering a solution (and gaining the sale).

If you spend lots of time asking them what they DO want, you lose control of the conversation. Because mostly they don’t know and they don’t even know how to tell you that they don’t know.

If everyone could truly imagine how much better their life would be if they were using your product, they would be using it, right? Consider that they can’t imagine it.

BUT, they can imagine all the things your product and service would take away. The stuff they really hate!

Get really good at taking away the things that people HATE and you can get better at…

Loving them ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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