When they don’t respond!

Sometimes you will reach out to people and they will not respond.

I want you to remember three things:

1) Every now and then, you will not connect with people where they are now. They WANT to get back to you, but you are not front-burner. Keep connecting. Unabashedly. It takes 7 contacts to get a response. Don’t stop at the first.

2) It normally takes 7 – 10 meaningful touches to connect with your person. Don’t give up after the first touch.

3) People are busy and want messages that will help them deal with what THEY are dealing with today. You will never be able to predict what they are dealing with today, so rely on the 7-10 touch rule.

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OOOPS! I promised THREE THINGS, but they all boil down to one thing. 7 – 10 touches is the key!

Keep playing – especially if YOU are convinced you have a good solution.

Those who ONLY play the “low-hanging fruit” are destined for a life of desperation.

Play the BIG game.

Love ’em ALL UP!

The Irreverent Sales GirlWhen they don't respond

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