Crossing the Grand Canyon on a Tight Wire

If you are GRIPPED by the magic of a guy crossing the Grand Canyon on a wire…

Moral of the Story: Mental State is Everything

In June, I resisted posting about Nik Wallenda and his gi-noromously amazing crossing of the Grand Canyon on a tightwire. All the analogies seemed too obvious.

Have you seen it? Watch here:


This magnificent feat continues to haunt me and I simply cannot help myself.

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Three months after the crossing, I will tell you what I saw and what made the difference in my sales.


They fall into FOUR categories:


Balance (HA! You THINK you know what I am going to say, but you don’t…I promise)
Superstition (Surprise!)


Let us start with this CRAZY idea that our lives need balance. What does that mean, anyway?


I mean, OF COURSE, Nik needs balance. (Tight-rope, right?)




Nik only gets extraordinary balance because he is extraordinarily IMMERSED. His work, his family, his faith, his eating, his sleeping, his friendships – they all live on the wire with him.


We ideologize things like Work-Life Balance.


Seems to me, that TRULY successful people make work a magical part of their lives. Think of Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, Madonna, the Barefoot Contessa.


Now, if your next statement is, “BUT, how is their family life?” Well, we don’t know…


Here is what I learned from Nik Wallenda.


Faith and Work and Family and Eating and Sleeping are all-encompassed in his daily activities. (Along with all the other areas of life.) He has FOCUS first! FOCUS that it all works!


The difference it made in my sales: I became ALL IN! Doing EVERYTHING it takes to make my sales goals!


This was a HUGE realization for me. If you have viewed the video, you cannot miss that Nik Wallenda was actively and vocally praying to his Lord the entire time. Here is a guy who is a super-star accomplishing an amazing feat – the whole time reminding himself and his Lord that this was NOT about him. It was all inside of his Creator’s will for his life.


No matter what you believe about God or religion or anything else, you simply could NOT miss that Nik was accomplishing something never-done-before and that he was giving himself over in Faith – to whatever is truest in his heart.


For Salespeople?


As salespeople, we give ourselves OVER to create something extraordinary every day. We are often scared, worried, and under-the-gun to produce results. When I give myself over to my Faith that I am destined to live a great life because “someone out there” wants the best for me, my whole work changes.


Would it be more fun to say to people, “Hey, look at me. I am Chuck Norris. I never lose. I did this myself!”?


YES. That would be more fun, but the second I do that, I fall off of the tightwire to my death. Period!




Nik Wallenda could NOT have crossed that wire without extraordinary discipline, training, and support. But, somehow HE knows that – even with all of the mastery – he still needs FAITH in something outside of him.


An uncomfortable thing to discuss, but something I want to look at and deal with.


The difference it made in my sales: I trust that I am doing my job in honor of something more. My sales means something to me!


This one shook me to the bone. Nik Wallenda lives his life in glory of something.


What I realized was that, mostly I wake up every day and do my life because I did not die overnight.


When I saw what Nik was willing to do by giving vocal GLORY to his God with his incredible feats…


Do you EVEN comprehend how vulnerable and crazy that is?


Almost as vulnerable and crazy as walking across the Grand Canyon on a two-inch wire.


I struggle with this one. Perhaps you struggle with something similar.


I do know that when I live my life for the Glory of God, things go helluva-better. Scary and beautiful (and scary!)


The difference it made in my sales: Everything I do is for the Glory of something bigger than me! I am lit up by my work.


This was my FAVORITE! (If you have made it this far).


Nik Wallenda was in an interview with a reporter who said something like: “I don’t want to jinx anything, but…”


Nik’s response was, “You can’t jinx anything. I am not superstitious. I can’t afford to be superstitious.”


In other words, Nik can ONLY deal with what is so. He knows that if he wears the same socks twice in a row, it does not impact wind patterns. He prepares himself for as many wind patterns as possible and learns deeply in his cells how he will respond.


He knows that the shoes he wears have the traction he needs, so he wears them. He does not wear the “lucky” shoes.


This has MASSIVELY changed my sales life.


I notice SO many superstitions in my sales.  “I will call this person a ‘future client’ and not a ‘prospect’.” “I will say ‘when’ I win this deal instead of ‘if’ I win this deal.”


The difference this made in my sales: I look at the numbers. What did I ACTUALLY do today to move my sales forward? What actually happened? What actually needs to happen next?




The best thing I learned from Nik Wallenda is that his MENTAL STATE is everything!


So is yours.


Love your mental state UP!


The Irreverent Sales Girl








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