Pay yourself first…as applied to scheduling

I have a practice to ensure my long-term wealth: I always pay myself first (meaning, every time I get paid, I always put money into MY savings account first).

And then I realized…I’ve been resisting scheduling my week. Here’s why…I always schedule what I “should” be doing. And it fills everyting up. And then, I don’t do it and I feel like I can’t keep up.

Now, many of you are much better than this – way more driven – so this only “might” apply to you! Or, if you’re RICH, you probably already do this…

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So, this week, I “paid myself first”. I put into my calendar my next vacation and I scheduled my workouts and time “off” FIRST.

Then, I built the actions that I need to take to move my games forward into the calendar.

I don’t HAVE to burn out…and it all fits!

Are you willing to schedule your life out? And to schedule time for you FIRST?

I promise you that WILDLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE are not run by their to-do list.


The Irreverent Sales Girl

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