Hot dog breath

OK. I don’t particularly like this expression. Ewwww!

But, it’s a powerful concept.

One of the most effective managers I’ve ever met used to bring her team in on the first day back from a holiday weekend (much like we’ve just had) and she would have the “hot dog breath” conversation. (You’ve all been at hot dog parties all weekend).

Here’s how it went: The first hour of the day, she would have the entire team talk about what they had done over the weekend. Clear it all out. Then, they would talk about what they were going to accomplish that week and THAT day in particular. They would formulate their plan.

Then they would GET TO WORK and produce results right away!

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How much of a difference an hour of planning can make! Jack Canfield asserts that one hour of planning is the equivalent of seven hours of work.

So, tomorrow, if you don’t have an amazing manager like the one I mentioned, take some time for yourself to acknowledge your “hot dog breath”, the fun you had while you were off, then create your intentions and your plan for the week and for your day.

Love your work UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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