What does your article say?

Many years ago, Anne Mulcahy was the new CEO of Xerox. Xerox was in BIG trouble. Morale was in the gutter. The situation looked pretty hopeless.

Until Ms. Mulcahy sat down and wrote a Wall Street Journal article – chronicling the amazing recovery of Xerox and exactly how it happened. Then, she dated it in the future!

She circulated this article throughout EVERY level of the company and socialized the success over and over and over again.

And guess what!!!! It happened. Everyone got behind the declaration of future success and LIVED INTO THAT FUTURE!!!

So, what does YOUR article say?  Have you taken time to sit down and create a future for yourself? Are you willing to share your article with everyone involved and affected?

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It’s bold! And effective!

Write your future up!


The Irreverent Sales Girl

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