Listen closely…this applies to YOU!

What you STAND for HAS to come first….the rest will follow.

Like Oz with his Dragon Cookies and his Excel Wizardry.

Like Kelly Hull with her legal expertise and her commitment to well-being.

Like Nicolle Hamilton and her commitment to curing cancer.

Like Mike Kunkle and his bringing REAL data to what drives sales results.

Like Beth Pfeffer overcoming serious physical ailment to guide the success of those who are broken down by physical limitations.

Like Desiree Adaway who has cracked the code for nonprofits to excel and make the most of for profit and heart-driven partners.

And many more of you — too many to mention.

If you are struggling in your success….look……is your STAND first? Or are you trying to sell something on top of something else (like you need to do your “job”)?

I live to EMPOWER salespeople (and I love having the rest of you as my community). That’s why I remain a cartoon character. There is no one to compare yourself to and come up lacking. I’m a fiction. I’m a muse. You can have your own muse.

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What do you STAND for? Go be THAT every day and the rest is cookies (right, Oz?) The path opens up in front of you!!!!

Love yourself up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


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One thought on “Listen closely…this applies to YOU!”

  1. Thanks again for the kind mention, ISG. It’s an honor and you’ve certainly put me in some impressive company. More importantly, it’s a great message and so important.

    The times in my life that I’ve had the least cognitive dissonance, the most alignment between “what should be” and “what is,” and the greatest amount of authenticity in my actions and deeds, have been the most awesome times indeed. Stay the course with the great messages – I believe people need to hear and be reminded.


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