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Sometimes what you love hurts you…

This is a personal post.

Today, I was playing with my puppy. He has this lovely way to wake me up. (He is a 65-pound Labrador Retriever). Here’s what he does. He jumps on the bed and lays COMPLETELY on top of me and puts his nose in my face. I love it!

Today, we were wrestling around…and his back feet fell off the bed. He scrambled to secure himself…(you can picture it, right?) Front claws flying he dug in to anything that was solid…which included my left eye socket. WHOA!

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Right away, I knew something was wrong. Yet, I had NO IDEA how wrong it might be.

I was bleeding. From my eye!

Tom took me to the ER. (I love him). I was a mess. I wasn’t a mess because of what had ACTUALLY happened. I was a mess because of what COULD HAVE HAPPENED!

Turns out, I didn’t even need stitches. They super-glued my eyelid to heal.

But, here’s what I had to deal with:

1) I value my looks and wonder if I could be successful as a de-formed woman – how deep is my commitment? What if he’d ripped my eyeball out?
2) I love my dog – this isn’t his fault. Sometimes the people we work with are just finding their own way and they hurt you, but they are not to be punished for it.
3) I am vain. I am judgemental. I look at the outside to determine if I want to be involved.
4) Tom was AMAZING with me, even though the entire hospital staff must have been looking at him like, “What did you do to her?”

How does this apply to sales or success? It doesn’t. Yet, it reminds me that I MUST DO SOMETHING NOW that is important. Risk it all. What we “think” we have, we don’t have. It can all turn on a dime!

Let’s go get WIGGY on what is important to us. Let’s remember WHO WE ACTUALLY are…in the face of anything.

Today, I was a scared, anxiety-ridden person — over scratches. I saw that I think my looks make me who I am! HA!

Now, I have to deal with that! This week, I am going to present to a Fortune 500 company…and I will do it, and I will be great. AND, I willl warn them that I look a little crazy.

Toooooo many lessons in this post. My favorite is…PUSH THE DOG TO THE FLOOR WHEN HE IS SCRAMBLING! Then, take THEM to the vet if need be. LOL.

Love your luck UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl



I was asking my friend today why people care about what I have to say. I was very  interested because, truth be told, I am FATALLY FLAWED in ways I cannot even begin to count – and in many cases, still not willing to share! HA!

I am un-organized, I lack follow-through, I am sometimes extremely selfish and very stingy with my love. I’m pretty sure I am way behind all of you in success. I am a “preacher” and I lack the confidence to be vulnerable. It all keeps me very small.

Yet, there was something she said that hit the mark. She told me that I am INFECTIOUS! I love people. I love them NOW, in the moment. I never say never and I never give up – until it’s time to give up, of course.

INFECTIOIUS … she says. I can see that! I like to light other people’s fires and see them shine. I like to get excited about what I have to say and what you have to say. I like to say “yes” and let the chips fall where they may.

Today, I was on the phone with a company who is going to sign a contract with me. (I sell into Fortune 500 companies, as a rule…to set some context). When they told me that they were ready to move forward, I let out a tiny “yay” and said, “I’m jumping” (and I was – I was jumping in my office). This CRACKED THEM UP and they generously countered with…”as happy as you are, we are 10 times happier…this is going to solve our major problems”. It was a magical moment.

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So, I’m literally terrible at many many things. Yet, I am JUST LOVELY at one very important thing. I am INFECTIOUS!

The moral of the story is not that YOU need to be infectious (although, I suspect you are more than you know if you would simply let go from time-to-time). I think the moral of the story is BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Show your passion for what you love. The hardest one…BE VULNERABLE. If you have the time to watch this marvelous TED talk on being vulnerable…it will rock your world. http://bit.ly/fgr5V7

Today, I am VERY grateful for those of you who are engaged in the conversations I am having with you. I have few followers, but you are MIGHTY and interested and wildly INTERESTING.

That’s what matters to me.

Not hundreds of thousands of followers, but people who are really out to accomplish something and provide something even if they can’t see why or how…just ‘cuz they are called to do it. I am in a powerful community and I am grateful for you.

NOW.. Let’s go be INFECTIOUS. Are you in?