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A watched pot never boils!

Well, it’s the end-of-the-year and I always get a bit antsy about now. A watched pot never boils!

This is when I get seduced by the temptation to hover over the contracts I want to close before year-end. I get itchy to get those deals signed, so that I can blow into new percentages of commissions and achieve epic levels of fame and adulation at my company.

I want to pull it all in NOW.

BUT, I have to remember that the watched pot never boils!

It seems to be a fundamental law of the Universe.

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If I focus on the deals that are about to close – somehow they don’t! My buyer loses budget, their company goes through a re-org, the priorities shift! It’s crazy. But downright reliable. THAT POT WILL JUST NOT BOIL!

When I remember to keep doing the right activity. Keep reaching out to my territory. Keep traveling to see people. Keep booking appointments. When I do all of this, somehow deals close and new opportunities emerge out of nowhere.

A success story

Here’s an example of something I did last week to keep my eye off of that pesky pot – and the outcome surprised me!

I went through all of my 2013 activity. Trips, demonstrations, emails, conversations…all of it. Then, I put together a list of everyone I had touched throughout the year who is not currently in a conversation with me.

Then, I sent an email to all of them – making sure to keep it personal – (no one likes to be part of a mass email).

In the email, I thanked them for the time we had spent together earlier in the year. I included a link to a cutting edge white paper that addresses a key topic in the industry. And, I asked if they had 30 minutes for a conversation to share their vision for 2014 with me.

Know what happened? I got a bunch of emails thanking me for continuing to stay in contact, I got three phone appointments with customers who wanted to discuss the timing of our contract for next year…and I got a commitment to buy for THIS YEAR – out of nowhere!

Very exciting!

On top of that, two of my deals in that pot of mine started coming to a FULL BOIL!

Keep loving ’em ALL UP and you can’t go wrong!

The Irreverent Sales Girl