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A life without limits?

I have been contemplating this a great deal lately. What do I admire? Who do I admire?

I look at Richard Branson (who doesn’t?) and wonder…what do we admire so much about him?

I think I most admire that he seems to live his life without limits.

But, it’s an illusion. I think.

When I look at my own life…what makes me shrink back…is that it *seems* rough when I confront my limits. I am looking for what is comfortable, so I stay away from the “limits”.

Yet, when I GO FOR IT and confront the limits…it is as if they disappear!

Am I living in an illusion of limits?

I watch my dog, unable to cross the boundary of my laptop cord plugged into the wall. It is illogical. He could easily cross over it. In fact, my other two dogs cross over the cord without a thought. Somehow, this one dog has created that crossing over that cord is impossible.

What have I created as impossible that is as simple as crossing over a laptop cord? Do my two dogs look like a “Richard Branson” to my other one dog?

I hope you will join me in this inquiry. What have we created as barriers, in our minds, that aren’t actually barriers?

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