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Creating my Incredible 2013

Creating my incredible 2013I am creating my incredible 2013 – with the help of this truly wonderful resource: http://leoniedawson.com/shop/k

I am going to shamelessly steal from the planner (please go get it – so inexpensive – so powerful – WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER!)

From Leonie Dawson (who you will LOVE):

“The Entrepreneur’s path can be the most spiritual experience of your life [btw, salespeople ARE entrepreneurs]

You will be called on to change every part of you that holds you back, so that you may step into your brightest magnificence.

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The path of growth, of expansion, of transformation, of change, is not always the easy one.

It will cause you to face your fears, all the parts of you that are undeveloped.

You have no choice but to step into this, whole of face and whole of heart.

This is the path that is calling you, the path that has been destined for you.

This is the path that is calling your greatness out of you, it is the path that calls you to dream your biggest dream.”

Salespeople ROCK!

Love your Courage, Brilliance, and Perseverance UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl