Use this word to slay your fiercest competitor – The Status Quo!

This word will leave the Status Quo shaking in it’s boots!

I have been selling for about a million years. Day in and day out. I have read nearly everything I can get my hands on and I have heard many of the super pros speak.

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And yet, I had never heard this one.

The pure and simple question that unlocks doors and allows you full access.


Three little letters.

My good friend, President of Dialogue Consulting, revealed this secret to me and I was amazed! She is notorious for turning unprofitable businesses to profitable! And it’s no wonder. She is phenomenal. And this is one of her most powerful tools in her tool kit. The question…


Mostly, as a salesperson, I have avoided this word. It seems confrontational. Like, “WHY in the world would you ever do that?” (and any softer versions of it).

But, she showed me a different path!

It is the “getting to know you” WHY that works!

And here is how the magic is done.

Let’s say you are an interior designer and I want to be your fabric and furniture supplier. When I walk into your office, I notice that you have quite a lot of packages and samples from another supplier – of stuff I don’t offer.

I mention it! “Hey, I see you have a great deal of Jenkins [made up name] product around. Why do you like them?”

They tell you why they use Jenkins.  Perhaps your customer relies on Jenkins because they offer the most variety, or the highest quality, or the most environmentally viable material, or the best payment terms, or the …. well it goes on and on.

You have learned their status quo.

This is your customer’s go-to move. Every time they  need something Jenkins offers, they already know that Jenkins meets their criteria, so they buy from Jenkins. It is the easiest route.

You have also learned:  

  • What your customer values
  • How they make buying decisions
  • How they think about business relationships
  • Maybe even a bit about their company culture

But, MOST IMPORTANTLY, you have learned the valuable information about their STATUS QUO.

SIDE NOTE: Most smart salespeople know, the STATUS QUO is their biggest competitor! Keeping things the same is the easiest thing to do. Changing things (like buying from you) involves effort, energy, and risk.

Now you are armed with information. You can show how your company aligns with their values, you can open their eyes to new possibilities (example:  “If you like that about Jenkins, you are going to LOVE this about my product”). You can demonstrate how your method of doing business is similar to the way they like to do business. And, you can illuminate how your product or service supports their company culture.

You have all the info you need from one simple question to earn a seat at the table with them – not just make the pitch.

And you can accomplish this in so many ways!

You can ask about:

  • That recent ad they ran – why did they run that ad and did it work?
  • The thing they said they were passionate about in their LinkedIn profile – why is that important to them and how are they implementing that passion in their work
  • The office equipment they are using – why did they select that vendor?
  • You rely on a certain accounting software – why did you pick them and why do you stay with them?

And the coolest thing about the “getting to know you” WHY – is that it is NON-CONFRONATIONAL!

It is friendly. It shows you have noticed them as a person, and that you are interested. They are not used to salespeople being interested this way. They open up to you. You become a more trusted advisor!

At the very least, you get market information that you may not have known before.

Go try the WHY!

And go and Love ‘em UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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