Add your Pizazz!

Tomorrow, I am presenting my sales territory plan to my team.

I do this every year.

It is a PowerPoint presentation (Ugh).

EVEN I was bored writing this thing, UNTIL – I thought – “You Know, we have a lot of new competition in the market this year, we are recovering from a tough year, the economy is uncertain…it is time for me to instill CONFIDENCE!”

So, I brought in the FIREWORKS! 

For 2013, I added in my sales-quota-killiing techniques…completely illustrated (with soundtrack?)

I introduce the Pipeline techniques (The Elephant Tracks, The Bread & Butter, and the SMB).

I lay out the “Apple Pitch”, the “Leapfrog”, and the “Opera Tickets” – all plans that I will execute (I will teach these in a short – and cheap – call in February – don’t miss ’em). All designed to INSPIRE my team to get on the same page and CRUSH the year.

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I have taken a TIRED presentation of numbers and charts to a REVOLUTION – one that my entire company can get behind. In fact, I invited my CEO to attend my presentation and I think he will actually be there! SCORE!

If you are going to CRUSH it, do it with some PIZAZZ!

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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