Wearing my watch upside-down…an inspiration!

Wearing my watch upside-down
Wearing my watch upside-down

I put on my watch today. Upside down. By accident.

Then I thought, Hmmmmm…what if I wear my watch upside down ALL YEAR LONG to remind me that my work, even my life, is NOT ABOUT ME? It’s about OTHERS getting the information they need and want.

What if I approached all of 2013 about what I can do to make OTHERS lives ROCK? 

I think I’ll give it a shot. I will let my watch face YOU so that YOU can see the time.

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What a great reminder.

Love your TICK TOCK UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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2 thoughts on “Wearing my watch upside-down…an inspiration!”

  1. Salesgirl – I love it. When everyone else says they do, I say, I don’t.

    I love turning things upside down and looking from a different perspective.

    What a wonderful reminder. Like tying a string around your thumb.


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