Help someone ELSE be successful…but first a story

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Redhead Writing

Alright, I admit it … I have become a bit of an Erika Napoletano stalker of late. (

There’s a good reason!

A break in the storm

And, no, I am not talking about Sandy here – although I am sending all my love for you who are dealing with her tonight.

I am talking about the Business storm. You may be familiar with it.

My entire life (since age 12), I have been hoping and studying and praying that one day…please, God…one day I would be a GREAT business person.

I ran an (unsuccessful) lemonade stand, have attended undergrad and graduate B-school. I have co-owned and sold a business. I have failed at starting a couple of businesses. I have been a top salesperson.

Still, the BRASS RING seemed so far away.

Business seemed like a minefield to me. One where you PROTECT your butt against people who will steal your idea. One where MOST BUSINESSES FAIL in the first three years. One where you had just better get used to the idea that it is a DOG-EAT-DOG world out there.

Erika was my break in the storm.

From zero to FUCK YEAH

Now, all of you know that I refrain from swearing whenever possible. Yet, you can hardly get to know and love Erika unless you understand this very raw premise.

Erika Napoletano is ONLY about getting your business and your life from zero to FUCK YEAH. And she means it. She does the work to filter out all of the stuff that will distract you from your goals. She serves as a MIGHTY resource. AND she backs it up by being on your side!

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Someone who knows NOTHING about me wants me to win? Will teach me to be vulnerable? Will take time to understand my pain and EXALT in my successes? IS there such a thing in business?

Well, yes, THERE IS. And she is no small potatoes. She is a celebrated columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine. She is a sought-after consultant for tech firms. She is an author of a real live book. (The Power of UN-Popular) And….wait for it…

She is a Tedx Talker

I can prove it:

Now for the game

Erika is being LOVED UP for this Tedx Talk. She should be. It is amazing.

It is all about the Power of Being UnPopular (did you ever want to be one of the popular crowd? did you ever imagine there would be an advantage to being UN-popular? you will love this).

OK, my lovelies. If you have been following me for over one MINUTE, you KNOW that I am about YOU winning. That is why I post every single work day. For your success.

Now, I am asking YOU to help ME make someone ELSE successful. Let us show that The Irreverent Sales Girls (and guys who love The Irreverent Sales Girls) can make a BIG FAT SPLASH in the world.

Why I’m Showing This to You

When you find something that moves you, sharing it is key. So today, I’m sharing this with you in the hopes that it might move you, too.

If you like Erika’s talk, LIKE it on YouTube.

If it moved you, TELL HER in a comment on YouTube (she’s responding to everyone who leaves a comment — and there are over 100 so far!).

If you love the message, SHARE IT. On Facebook, via email, tie it to the leg of a carrier pigeon — whatever moves you.

The upside to all of this is that, on occasion, sometimes TED (the mothership) features TEDx talks (talks from smaller, independent events) on their main site. It’s kind of like winning a TED-flavored Oscar. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could be a part of letting TED know that we think Erika’s talk is an idea worth spreading? And if you’re not familiar with TED, that’s exactly what it is: Ideas Worth Spreading. People from all over the world give talks that are 18 minutes or less on ideas that move them, and in turn, moves people across the world by sharing, or as TED says, spreading them.

The Irreverent Sales Girl does not win a car if you do this!

The real power of what we are doing here is the power to CONNECT each other with amazing resources and opportunities.

Your “watch” and “like” and “comment” is something YOU can do for someone who is AMAZING and playing life BOLD.

I get nothing from it. YOU get my true and raw thanks.

I invite you to meet someone exceptional

You will laugh, you will be moved, and you will remember something stirring deep inside of you that is ready to be GREATER THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED.

Please watch the video, like it (if you do), and send a comment. Let’s get Erika to!

Now, what can I do for YOU?

Post a comment about what you think of this game, and tell me something I can do for you.

We are all in this success thing together!

Love ’em UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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