Yesterday I was REALLY REALLY stuck! I had a piece of business that was CERTAINLY going to move quickly and be a BIG HIT. I was WORRIED that I wasn’t ready for the onslaught of work that all of this new activity was going to generate when my client said “yes”. I was battening down the hatches. I had prepared my client, and I was ready.

Then, I made the presentation, and ….. CRICKETS. No response. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

UGH. I tossed and turned all night wondering what I was going to do about this. Should I remove the offer as if it had been snapped up by someone else? (It hadn’t). Should I pretend that someone else was interested and they might lose their chance? (They weren’t?) Should I perservere in winning the business???? Aaaaaggghhh. Hours of churning.

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Then, I had a flash of inspiration. I got everyone on the phone who had anything to do with this project. The people who had helped me set it up and the people who were in line to execute on the business. THIS WAS HARD FOR ME … because I always feel that people expect me to have the answer, the direction. I didn’t have it this time.

I laid the situation out on the table and even bared the naked truth of some of the dishonest things I had been considering doing (we have a strict policy of honesty and transparency – big no-no!). I asked, “What should we do now?”.

It was GREAT! They knew more about what was happening with the customer than I did (remember how I always work with people smarter than me?). They told me that… as we spoke, people on the client’s side were working to sort out budget, timing, they were EXCITED about the prospect of working with us.

They also forgave me for considering alternate means.

Just goes to show.

Stop tossing and turning. GET ON THE PHONE! Lay out the options. Let your leadership be that you take immediate and decisive action on the things your team needs from you to get the job done and then GET OUT OF THE WAY!

This is the hardest part that I am learning about building a wildfire business. Other people are the fire. Not me. Let it roar!

Trust your peeps UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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