REALLY great salespeople, employees, people view themselves…

….as the CEO of their own company!

I am clear that if I do not do my job, the people in my company don’t eat, don’t feed their children, don’t provide health insurance to their loved ones.

THAT is what it means to be the CEO…you view the WHOLE of your impact.

Great accountants know this. They provide a solid ground to walk on.

Great attorneys know this. They provide clarity and protection.

Great receptionists know this. They are the brand of the  company.

Great salespeople know this. They know that they feed and clothe everyone in their company.

WAKE UP! What you are doing is CRITICALLY important!

When you “show up”, everyone around you wins! (This includes you)

When you “phone it in”, it may not seem important in the moment, but it matters beyond what you can imagine (To YOURSELF especially – now, you are someone who “phones it in” – not someone who GOES FOR IT –  just sayin’)

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NOW, what do you see about your current job…more important…what do you see is possible?

Love your life UP!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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