Be afraid…be VERY afraid….

If you were asked to do the ONE thing that you are most afraid of tomorrow.

Write it down…what is it? I’ll wait!

Good. Did you do it? If you didn’t do it, write it down now, seriously.

Now. Figure out a way to do that tomorrow.

Send me your results.

You WILL be surprised. Just, don’t let yourself off the hook.

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Love DANGER up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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2 thoughts on “Be afraid…be VERY afraid….”

  1. But… but… what if I’m afraid to jump out of a plane without a parachute?!?


    LOL, sorry, I know what you mean and you’re right. I always loved the quote… “What would you do if you were absolutely guaranteed not to fail?” Our fears can hold us back from our goals, no doubt. The trick is to learn which fears to listen to, and which to be courageous with, and take action anyway. It’s always helped me to ask myself, “Mike, *what* are you afraid of, and *why* are you afraid of it.” If I’m honest about the “why,” it always tells me whether it’s a smart fear (make sure the parachute works) versus a restrictive fear (don’t approach that big customer, because they’ll just reject you).

    Love DANGER up!


  2. Mike, I like your test for common sense safety vs. holding yourself back. It’s hi-larious how often the thing we think is scariest is the simplest thing in the world – once you’ve done it!

    The first time I ever called directly on a CEO – I spent about 20 minutes talking to myself in the mirror – getting myself psyched up – then I got on the phone – said what I was calling for – got transferred to the right person (from the CEO’s office) – and later closed the deal. I never even had to talk with him.

    Now I can talk with CEO’s with no trouble at all. And, it sure speeds up the sale!

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