Eating the Elephant

When you’re going for something BIG in your life, you are in trouble.

Let’s say it straight. You see OTHERS who have done it. But, you can’t see how you’re LIKE THAT PERSON.

Then, you decide if THEY did it, it could be possible for someone else.

Then, you see…..MAYBE, just MAYBE that person could be me.

Then, you think…..HOLY COW, not me!

Then, you get jealous.

Then, you get discouraged.

And, then you DECLARE…YES! If that person can do it, then so can I!

And then (if you’re extraordinary) you do an extraordinary thing.

You start eating the elephant ONE BITE AT A TIME.

(That IS how you eat an elephant, after all).

Bite, Chew, Swallow, Repeat.

BUT, don’t kid yourself. If you want to eat the elephant (and I mean the business you never thought you could have, the income you never thought you could earn, the people you never thought you could meet)…. it’s ALSO going to TAKE remembering WHO YOU ARE.

Because, frankly, you forgot.

How I know this is true?  YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO EAT THE ELEPHANT if it wasn’t you who already are.

One bite at a time. Faith, beyond faith. Being willing to REMEMBER who you really are (the person you KNEW you were, but somehow got your heart broken).

AND FRANKLY, it’s going to take more than you thought you had. BUT, the good news is, PLAYING FULL OUT gives you MORE energy. Not less.

SO, what’s your elephant? The thing you don’t dare to dream? Where are you going to play FULL OUT to take just ONE bite today?

Don’t be boring. Surprise yourself.

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Love up the Elephant!

The Irreverent Sales Girl

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